Mes Filles

Mes Filles Vineyard is located in the Sebastopol Hills less than 2 miles from Kanzler Estate and was planted by our vineyard manager Eric Neal in 1998. Despite its proximity, Mes Filles exhibits markedly different growing conditions due to its altitude and exposure. The vines crown a 500-foot hill, directly exposing them to the wind and fog that stream in from the Petaluma Gap, a break in the coastal mountains of Sonoma County that funnels in ocean air. The altitude and steep slopes make for quick-draining soils, and the various sun exposures combined with the rootstock and clonal selections yield diverse and interesting flavors. We source three Pinot Noir clones from this special site.

Vineyard Specs

Russian River Valley
Year Planted
Total Acreage
Goldridge sandy loam on Wilson Grove formation
5C, 101-14, 110R
Pinot Noir (Dijon 667, Dijon 115, Pommard Selection 4)
Vertical Shoot Positioned, 3-cane, 0-spur
David Gensler
Vineyard Manager
Daniel Chavez, Daylight Vineyard Management

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