Our Label Evolution


I have to smile when I look at these labels. They tell our story as much as words do. When we created that first label we had no idea where it would lead. It was a wedding gift for our daughter. We had no thought of being a winery at that point. But the wedding wine changed all that. We started thinking … well maybe we should… maybe we can…

But, making wine was still more of a hobby than a business. The 2004 label was created by the mother of one of our daughter Melissa’s childhood friends. By 2007, when we were getting ready to bottle the 2005 vintage, we knew we we were serious about winemaking. So, we created a serious label. That label served us well for 10 years.

But, when we embarked on the process of re-designing our label, we wanted the new label to more effectively convey who we are. The picture on the label is our vineyard. It was taken by Alex. It’s the latest evolution in the story of Kanzler Family Vineyards. We hope you like it.

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