My Lovely, New Bride

Breauna and I first met at the University of Colorado nearly 10 years ago. It took 8 years, but on a trip back to Colorado, ostensibly to visit friends, I proposed to her only steps from the place where we first met. It’s a good thing she said yes, because I arranged to have her family and mine join us there and witness the proposal, so we could all celebrate together.

Everyone assumed we would have a wine country wedding. But, a winemaker’s schedule and the traditional summer, fall wedding dates aren’t compatible. Also, having grown up in wine country, we wanted to do something different. On one of our trips abroad together, we visited the beautiful beach town of Sayulita, a small surfing and fishing village in the Mexican state of Nayarit. We fell in love with the town and thought it was a great place for a wedding. It took 2 years of planning and convincing our friends and family that a destination wedding would be great. It was even better than we imagined. We rented a villa overlooking the ocean and married with 140 of our best friends and family in attendance, followed by huge party. Breauna and I both agree that our wedding week was the best week of our lives and we felt immensely blessed to be surrounded by such loving and supportive people.

Now she is member of the Kanzler Family, and even though she has a successful career in high technology, Breauna has already become a key contributor to Kanzler Family Vineyards. She is a master organizer and project manager, has a great eye for photography, design, and layout and on a personal note, she keeps me fed during harvest when all I do is work, sleep and eat!

Kanzler Vineyards is family business. It’s hard to express the joy I feel at having Breauna join my family. I can’t wait for you to meet her. She’s the love of my life.

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