Our winemaker, Alex Kanzler, has been very involved in the Neighborhoods Initiative with our peers at the Russian River Valley Winegrowers association. Their work drew the attention of Forbes, where wine and food writer Jill Barth explored the possibilities in this October 2020 article.

She reports that a groundbreaking UC Davis study has finally confirmed what farmers and winemakers suspected intuitively: There are biological differences between wines grown in different pockets of the Russian River Valley. This may sound dry, but it’s wonderful news for wine lovers and wine producers, because the six “neighborhoods” offer a new lens through which to explore this beloved growing region more deeply. KANZLER is located in the Sebastopol Hills neighborhood.

Alex had the last word in Barth’s story:
These growers and makers want consumers around the world to know that they are visiting and drinking from someplace with exceptional range and that there is always something new to try. “We want people to keep coming back, says Kanzler. “You can’t just check it off the list. Keep the intrigue going.”
To learn about the neighborhoods and see a map, visit

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