Breauna Kanzler joins Kanzler Family Vineyards

Kanzler Family Vineyards has appointed Breauna Kanzler as Consumer Sales Manager. Breauna will be working directly with General Manager Danny Fay to provide the best possible experience to Kanzler fans near and far!

“They say if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life!” said Breauna as she beamed about her new role in the family business.“I’m so proud of my unbelievably talented husband and the wines he makes. They are amazing wines and I want everyone to know about them.” “I’m psyched” said Alex Kanzler. “She is my muse. She inspires me and makes me a better person and a better winemaker. I’m thrilled to have her at my side as we strive to make Kanzler Family Vineyards the best it can be.”

Breauna graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Colorado at Boulder, with the intention of becoming a behavioral therapist.  Her career path shifted in 2011 when she was offered an Account Manager position for a staffing agency in Denver. “Looking back, there was something special about finding jobs for those in need, at a time when unemployment rates were peaking. I liked it. It was fulfilling.” When the economy started to improve, large tech companies sought out talented recruiters. Breauna was hired by Google, Inc. to join their sourcing team and to find and hire high quality software engineers. After a year at Google, Apple offered Breauna a similar role and she jumped at the opportunity. After almost 3 years with Apple, it was time for a change. Her passion for wine became clear as she learned more about the business from her winemaker husband. She clearly had a knack for connecting with customers while pouring Kanzler wines at tasting events. The timing was perfect. Kanzler Family Vineyards needed an enthusiastic work horse ready for a challenge and Breauna was ready for a change

“Bre is a dynamo” said General Manager Danny Fay. “She brings such energy and enthusiasm to the job and she knows how to get stuff done. She has been an awesome addition.”

“It’s an honor to be asked by my new family to join the company they founded. I continue to learn more about farming and winemaking every day, and I’m excited about what the future holds for our family.”

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