Elizabeth Grattan Di Bartolo
Brand Manager

Elizabeth Grattan Di Bartolo manages wine release communications, collateral design, social media, website updates, press, and events.

“My job is really to free up the Kanzler family so they can focus on handcrafting incredible wine and getting it to our buyers with the most warm and thoughtful customer experience,” she says. 

“Adding a marketing and communications role allows us to tell our story with more reach, precision, and style,” adds Danny Fay,  General Manager. “Elizabeth’s respect for artisan winemaking and estate farming aligns perfectly with Kanzler’s values.”

Her background is in content creation, branding, graphic design, publishing, and retail communications. 

Grattan Di Bartolo was raised in rural Sonoma County and spent many days heading down dusty roads with her grandfather, who was a farm advisor for the UC Davis Extension Office.

“We would go to all kinds of farms—apples, prunes, pears, walnuts, and wine grapes too. I felt reverence for farming early on.”

“We didn’t have a TV at our house, so green growing things—cultivated or wild—was where the excitement was.”

She earned a B.A. from Bryn Mawr and Haverford Colleges in Pennsylvania. Over the course of a decade she worked as copy editor and researcher for the Wine Industry Business Journal and North Bay Business Journal; sports reporter, copy editor, and layout designer for The Bend Bulletin Newspaper; managing editor of the film industry’s Makeup Artist Magazine; and sponsored content creator for The Oregonian Newspaper. Freelance marketing and copywriting projects for luxury fashion brands in the Bay Area followed. Upon returning to wine country, she was contracted by the County of Sonoma to design and produce its outward-facing annual report three years in a row, as well as the 80-page investors guide for Upstream Investments.

Meanwhile her husband Jon, who was on the winemaking team at VML / Truett Hurst, roped her into pouring wine in the tasting room occasionally. This evolved into taking a Marketing Coordinator position there. Alex Kanzler had just left his Associate Winemaker post at the same company to focus on his family’s winery. 

“A few years later when I applied at Kanzler, I actually didn’t know Alex, though my husband spoke highly of him,” she explains. “The only thing I knew was that I’d once been at a dinner with a winemaker who said, ‘What should we open next? This one… or the Kanzler?’ The implication was: Something ordinary, or something exceptional? Well, the Kanzler of course.”


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